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2019-06-21T12:48:09.000Z  by JanJ

x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
❤ 4




2019-06-23T17:02:23.000Z D387

I think that work is best. Its really detailed, and... just nice! that shape really looks like a mech, and makes me understand how it works when i just look at it!( i am not sure did i wrote all correctly, but if i didnt, i hope you understand...)

2019-06-23T17:03:15.000Z D387

would be great for a game. But i dont make any games. lol

2019-07-06T13:51:06.000Z JanJ

Thanks ! It's an asset for a tool I'm building > Map manager for tabletop rpgs.

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