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Make SpritesStack happen and help funding the last few months of development.

Upcoming version

SpriteStack has evolved into something bigger. Combine voxels, lowpoly and sprites to create animated 3D objects or particle effects and render them as 2D spritesheets using unique retro renderer. Import your existing 3D and 2D assets and give them new retro look.

Do not be afraid if you own current version or want to buy it - go for it - it's gonna be upgraded to the new one while it still retains the old price. Also I really need funds to keep working solely on SpriteStack so it helps a lot.

Itch Steam
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Are we there yet?

PROTOTYPE released on Steam and Itch
ALPHA access for patrons when the RENDERER is ready
Final release when the EDITOR is ready
Release of SpriteStack engine (javascript)


Why is the version available online so much different than what I can see in recent posts? In 2019 I've made a prototype that was meant to be a simple slices editor that outputs spritesheets. From that time I have learned a lot about 3D programming and I've decided to take it to another level by providing an animator that can join voxels, lowpoly and sprites together. Unfortunately 2020 was so disastrous for my family that I barely had any time to work. Will patrons also receive a copy? Yes. If the amount of total pledges meet the price of the product you will be given a key to full release. Why would I want to be a patron? Currently you get ALPHA access. It's a software made by one person - every coin helps me to work on it instead of taking part time jobs and delaying it even further. Is it safe to get the (old) version that is currently available online? Yes. It's not a money grab - I am NOT going to release the next version as a separate software. It's going to be an update for the current one. Do I get access to the BETA if I own an old version copy? Yes - according to the schedule above I will upload BETA when the animator part of the software is ready Can I use this with Unity / Unreal / GODOT / GameMaker...? It outputs spritesheets that also contain color and normal maps - so it's an excellent companion for a 2D gamedev. I currently do not plan to export 3D scenes/animation - although if I find that glTF can contain all SpriteStack features I will consider it. How does the animation system work? Currently it's per object animation. So you have to split your models to smaller parts like head, arms, etc. Next I am planning to add bone system and finally skinning.

Content below describes currently released version that will get replaced with the next update.


SpriteStack is a voxel editor suited for 2D artists featuring hand crafted retro renderer with animation support. It exports spritesheets, slices and vox models.

Itch Steam
Upcoming version


Editor is based on spritestacking technique which means drawing a model slice by slice.


Keyframe oriented animation is still experimental but you can already achieve nice results.
Castle model by @LibroRumque


Handcrafted exporter is what really makes it stand out. It provides interesting retro styled renders with customizable options. It can output spritesheets, slices and *.vox files

Magica Voxel and Qubicle

If you don't feel comfortable with the editor you can import your models from Magica Voxel or Qubicle and use my juicy renderer.
Firestation model by @JereHoh
Available as a standalone application.

Itch Steam

Example works

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