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2019-02-28T22:13:27.000Z  by Davit Masia
Gameboy Mini 60x60

x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
❤ 21 export download


2019-03-02T08:02:50.000Z Sprite Stack

Epic use of colors. Screen glare adds a lot to the fake lighting. The upper light makes the surface almost metalic and the text is super readable.

2019-03-03T00:47:49.000Z Nahuel Sacchetti

This is epic. A truly work of art. Beautiful!

2019-03-07T06:57:10.000Z k spinn

not to be rude but this looks like a nintendo gameboy

2019-05-03T06:08:40.000Z iivii games

This is just fantastic. I'm going to be spending time honing my skills with this software. @Rezoner is doing great things.

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