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SpriteStack Manual

This manual is in the making. Visit from time to time to see new chapters :)


Use these to look around:

RMB Rotate camera
MMB Move view

C Center on selected object or (0, 0) if no object is selected
V Center and look at surface under cursor

H Hide element from editing 
ALT+H Show all hidden elements
It doesn't remove element from rendering - use it to select objects that are covered by other objects

Transforms and properties:

R Rotate
T Translate		
S Scale			
X Y Z Pick axis
ALT + R Reset rotation
ALT + T Reset translation
ALT + S Reset scale

P Set parent
F Set frame (spritesheets)


A D Prev|Next keyframe
SPACE Play|Stop animation
Q E Edit Start|End value of a keyframe

Palette editor:

When mouse is over palette editor:

W S A D Select color
Q E Decrease|increase material index for selected color

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